Follow Up


Module Objectives

  • Review with the participants the templates they have completed as part of the follow-up work and refine the respective value assumptions.
  • Walk through their long-term plan template to ensure they have identified the necessary actions they need to take over the next six months


After the workshop the participants will have continued working to estimate value from current agile practices and potential additional value from new agile practices shortlisted in the workshop. This should lead to them developing a case study.

What you need to do before the follow-up call

  • Send out business case template slides to participants post workshop [please see materials D]
  • Ask for the completed template and latest version of the model 2 days before the follow-up session

Hints and Tips

  • You will have received the model and the completed business case template a few days in advance. During the follow up session, you want to help participants refine their assumptions. You will want to probe for
  • Overall confidence in the value number assigned for each prioritised practice
  • Level of confidence in the major assumptions affecting this outcome
  • Refining these assumptions where possible
  • Each ‘practice’ owner should then further refine the business case template and send back to you within a one week time frame. You should then do a final check of all documents and send onto the AFF group

Once the business case is developed, you need to think about how to proceed with the next steps. This needs to be fully customised to your business and your business unit. Some questions to think about include:

  • How should you engage the workforce?
  • How should you roll-out the practices? (e.g., pilot or big-bang roll-out across the whole business unit)
  • What are the practical HR implications?
  • Which senior leader will sponsor this project?

Finally, remind the participants of the five ‘golden rules’ for implementation to successfully capture the value of an agile workforce:

  1. Be business led – don’t leave it all to HR
  2. Deeply understand the needs of the business and workforce and create a portfolio of practices that bridges the two
  3. Develop the agile working model bottom-up
  4. Consider big, strategic changes
  5. Prepare leadership first and put in place sufficient management capacity


At the end of the follow-up call you will have:

  • Confirmed that the group have, or are well on the way to, estimating the potential benefits from implementing the shortlisted agile practices
  • Agreed with the group that they will complete a business case template
  • Agreed next steps and any further follow-ups

You have completed the toolkit!

Congratulations on completing the Agile Future Forum toolkit.

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