I am delighted to invite you to our next Leaders’ event which will be a breakfast on Wednesday 1 July at our offices in Bristol.
The theme for the breakfast will be the ‘Economic Benefits of Workforce Agility’ and we are delighted to be hosting this event jointly with the Agile Future Forum (AFF). The event will explore how agile working practices are helping to drive growth & ensure that organisations can adapt continuously to our changing world and achieve competitive advantage.

KPMG is one of 22 founder members of the Agile Future Forum (AFF), a group of leading employers including Lloyds Banking Group, Cisco, John Lewis and Ford who believe that workforce agility is generating significant and tangible economic benefits for their organisations. The AFF investigates the benefits of workforce agility practices, identifies additional potential value, and helps other organisations regardless of size, sector or geography replicate good practices.
At this event the AFF will share the economic benefits it has found from agility; discuss case study examples, including KPMG’s own experiences, impart findings on how ready UK organisations are to implement agile working and share it’s golden rules for implementing a more agile workforce.

I hope to see you at the event.

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Kind regards,
Phil Cotton
South Region Chairman