Quantification Process



This section is designed to give you a brief overview of the quantification process used when determining the value of implementing agile practice in your organisation. This process is used during the workshop and is covered in more detail as you go through the business tool which you can find on the home page.


Below you can see that there are 3 components to running the quantification process and you will need to run through each of these components with your colleagues.

3 Steps quantification process


Your employees will have been through this process during the workshop and so will already be very familiar with how it works. The point of this section is to serve as a reminder to refine the estimates that were started in the workshop to the point that whoever is leading this process can agree with the finance team that the figures are accurate and representative of the impact your chosen agile practices will have. Your employees shouls refine the figures until they are happy with them

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Quantification process

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