Pre-Workshop Call

Thank participants for joining the call, outline agenda:

  • Provide context of AFF
  • Provide an overview of the workshop and its main outputs
  • Go through the quantification section if participants are not comfortable with numbers
  • Q&A

During the Q&A session, facilitator to:

  • Confirm that the business unit and attendees selected are appropriate
  • Check if the analyst is the right individual with access to data  and sufficient modelling capabilities


If you are going through the quantification process, explicitly define

  • Why quantification is so important
  • 4 key steps to estimate the value agile working may bring to your business unit (which is much like building most business cases)
  • Go through the process in greater detail with the key questions; if you have been involved with a previous quantification, use the example to bring it to life
  • Highlight only high-level information and data required for the first estimation in the seminar; more refinement can be done post-seminar

Agile Future Forum Toolkit

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Step 3 Quantification

Quantification process

Step 4 Follow Up

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