Module 6: Summarise



The objectives of this final module are to:

  • Summarise the next steps and
  • Identify the set of actions required for both the short and long term
  • Set up the follow up call


Below you can see the next steps that you will need to get your group to work through

Group work through

Slide B6, No 45 of the Toolkit Supporting Materials

What you should do in the workshop

  • Bring the session to a close and run through the next steps
  • Thank your employees for attending the session
  • Ask your employees to take a few minutes to individually imagine what their workplace will look like in 3 years time: what would have changed?
  • Ask your group to share these visions.


Agile Future Forum Toolkit

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Step 1 Preparation

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Step 2 Workshop Toolkit

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Step 3 Quantification

Quantification process

Step 4 Follow Up

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