Welcome to the Agile Future Forum’s first blog. Before I talk about my role as AFF Chairman and the work we are doing, let me start by telling you a little about the AFF.

Around two years ago, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg,  asked me to consider establishing  and chairing a group of Chief Executives and Chairmen from leading employers  to look at the issue of workforce agility and how business might support the growth of workforce agility across UK plc.

The 22 founder companies cover a range of sectors, sizes and geographical spread and all have a track record of managing workforce agility in their organisation. Between us, we  employ over half a million people across the UK and, as such, are a microcosm of UK plc.  Most importantly, we all share a common view that workforce agility is already generating tangible economic benefits for our organisations, but that there is still significantly more value to be realised.

The aim of the AFF is to define the business value of workforce agility in supporting competiveness of UK plc and our specific objectives are to:

  • Change the UK’s cultural mindset: from flexibility to agility
  • Support the increase of agile working practices across the UK
  • Position the UK as one of the most agile countries in the world

The CEOs and Chairs of AFF founder companies will blog once or twice a month to share our experiences as we look to create a more agile workforce in our own organisations.  We will also talk about current topics that may impact agile working in the UK.

There is certainly a real enthusiasm around the issue of agility.  When the AFF first came together about 2 years ago, I don’t think any of us could have imagined the huge demand and interest in the work we have been developing.  I have been delighted by the appetite of UK business leader to get involved and create value for their business by transforming the way they work and we are holding symposiums, creating toolkits and sharing great case studies as a way to support them.

Today, we will launch a call to action to all UK businesses to consider the value that workforce agility can bring to their organisations and, ultimately, to the UK economy.  As part of the AFF’s call to action, every UK business will be invited to take the AFF’s new ‘agility test’ (add link to test)

Have you take the agility test yet? If not, please do – it will only take you a couple of minutes and I hope it will really help your business identify how agile you are currently.

Our next blogger will be Fiona Cannon who is the Director of the Agile Future Forum. She will provide her highlights from the event on the 17th November and talk about how to become member.  In  December Phil Smith, CEO, UK & Ireland, Cisco,  will talk  about the changing business context and why we need to change our model of work to compete more effectively.

Please join us and don’t for get to take the agility test.


Sir Win Bischoff Chairman, Financial Reporting Council