AFF New Members


The Agile Future Forum would like to welcome all of our new members.

We are an independent business to business led collaboration group who welcomes new member organisations regardless of their size, sector or geographical location. Our members are vital to the success of the Agile Future Forum; we depend on their ideas and contributions to create products and business tools that can help other organisations create a more agile workforce.

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  • Barclays
  • Centrica
  • DLA Piper
  • HMRC
  • IBM



David Stokes

“The UK marketplace is experiencing unprecedented rates of change and business must continually transform to successfully compete. This means transforming not just products and services but business processes and even entire business models; central to this is a workforce which can evolve and adapt to the needs of the market. Flexibility is a business imperative for IBM, helping employees manage their lives and meet their career aspirations whilst contributing their energy and talent to our business and our clients.”


Rufus Leonard

Neil Svenson

“Embedding an agile working mentality in our business has meant we have been able to respond to the substantial changes that have happened in our market. Rufus Leonard are a mid-size company and flexible working practices has allowed us to build the ever increasing range of specialist skills we need in a commercially viable and manageable way. Quite simply if we hadn’t adopted agile working practices we wouldn’t have the thriving business we have today.”



William Hague

“The ability to work with greater agility and adaptability is a crucial element in meeting some of our biggest challenges, both within Government as a whole and here in HMRC. Agility within the workforce, enables us to stretch the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible and gives the business a direction to stretch and grow incorporating technology and customer insight in order for us to tailor our services. Great consideration is been taken in HMRC to ensure that we develop the right processes and the right mix of agility to ensure that we get it right for the ultimate end user – the customer”.


Ministry Of Justice

Matthew Coats

“EAs the demands on the public sector increase, the MOJ needs to find new and innovative ways to keep improving services and the way it works to best serve the public, meet new challenges, and deliver value for the taxpayer.”



Michael Van der Bel

“Time is our most precious commodity. It’s precious because it’s finite – we cannot stretch it, bend it, or travel backwards in it. And, because we never seem to have quite enough, how we use it is important. Yet if we want to help people spend more of their day doing the things that have value to them, and less on the things that don’t, then as employers we need to think and act very differently. Smarter more agile working, backed by intelligent technology, can help all of us balance our needs between work life and rest of life. Work when you are at your most effective, from where you can be most productive, alongside the people you need to get the job done. Whenever, wherever and whoever, we will help you do more of the things you love.”



John Heaps

“The introduction of a smart working policy is already making a big contribution to the essential relationship of trust that lies at the heart of YBS’s culture.

Smart working both reflects the importance placed on colleagues’ wellbeing and also demonstrates how our trust agenda works in practice positively impacting colleague engagement, reducing absenteeism and increasing the ability to attract the very best talent in a very competitive market.”