AFF Affiliates

Whether your organisation is already agile, just starting out or somewhere in the middle, our AFF affiliate companies want to support you and help your organisation to create tangible economic value via a more agile workforce. The agile workforce business case has been proven across sector (public and private), geographical locations and size of organisation.

The affiliate organisations have a range of products and tools developed with the AFF that they want to share.

These include:

  • Business value assessment workshop – a unique workshop that can be tailored to your business. The workshop will enable you to understand global best practice and agility case studies, identify and prioritise new agile working practices to implement, quantify the value of potential new practices and any existing flexible working arrangements, challenge your barriers to agility and support implementation using the AFF golden rules.
  • Technology that enables agility – Innovate and embrace technology to support new agile working practices.
  • Changing employment practices – Specialist expertise and experience on any changes to terms and conditions and policies, whether you’re operating in the public or private sector, that are required to work in a more agile way. This includes access to specialist employment law advice.
  • Agile readiness index – How ready is your organisation to create a more agile workforce? This index developed by KPMG with the AFF members provides a tool to identify the dynamics of organisational agility. The index will help you better understand any limitations/constraints within your organisation but also highlights those areas that you are getting right.
  • Benchmarking
  • Case studies –global best practice and great ideas for your organisation beyond the more traditional ‘flexible working’ arrangements
  • Agility research and best practice

Our affiliate organisations are accredited to offer a range of Agile Workforce services – please click on each of their pages below to see who is best placed to support your organisation.

Addleshaw Goddard
McKinsey And Company
Working Families Consulting